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Nembutal sodium pentobarbital powder is a short-acting barbiturate, chemically designated as sodium 5-ethyl-5-(1-methylbutyl) barbiturate. This is one of the reasons for being more suitable for suicide than longer-acting barbiturates such as phenobarbital.

Nembutal sodium pentobarbital powder is sold most of the time in liquid form for use as a sedative and anesthetic in hospitals. veterinary Nembutal is a liquid and not in pill-form, which means that it has a shorter shelf life. On the other hand, Seconal (secobarbital). A short acting barbiturate that is as powerful as Nembutal if not more powerful, is still available in capsule form in the USA, EUROPE and probably the UK. Nembutal pills has a bitter taste that require the use of anti-emetics to prevent vomiting when given orally at high dosages.

How to take Nembutal powder buy online

Administration is a matter of dissolving up to ~50 grams of the powder in ~50 ml of water and drinking. If the powder is analyzed to be pure, and if ingested in the recommended amounts. Chinese Nembutal powder will (not might) lead to a reliable and peaceful death. So it is always better to take dosage than the one required for lethal dose. If the substance is pure, a purchase of 95% of pure soldium pentobarbital is suffisant for one adult to drink to die.

Nembutal has also been reported to be available on the black market. Particularly Europe and uk, in powder form. The purity of this powder is 95% and up .

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